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3 Simple Truths About Success

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.
– Benjamin Franklin

Success doesn’t come overnight

Have you ever thought about the high level of success you could attain, if only you spent one hour a day improving your skills and abilities?
Have you ever thought where you could be now, if only you started to work for your goals one year ago? And what if you started five years ago?
You see, it’s all about small steps, consistency and motivation. When we know what we want, we can reach any goal, if we take action.
But we have to work for it: success doesn’t come overnight, and unleashing our potential requires hard work and determination.

Discipline is the only predictor of success, no shortcuts!

If you really want to shift your life, you have to behave as if you were your own employer.
You need to be a demanding employer with yourself, and you need to be a highly responsible employee at the same time, working as if you you had a demanding boss always controlling you.
You need discipline, because real accomplishments come with patience, perseverance and hard work.

Organization is the key

Step-by-step improvement is a simple concept, but if you don’t get organized, you can make it difficult, and you might feel overwhelmed, nervous, and frustrated, because you don’t even know where to start.
The simplest way to structure your life is writing down all the things you have to do, and organize your life daily. You can use a to-do list, your agenda, or a blackboard, but the most important thing is to write down everything, in order to avoid mental stress.

Practice the philosophy of continuous improvement. Get a little bit better every single day.
– Brian Tracy

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How to Plan your Day: 5 Steps

A goal properly set is halfway reached.
Zig Ziglar

1. Plan your day the night before with a to-do list
The energy that we have early in the morning is precious and we should use it only for important tasks.
Plus, the advantage of planning your day in advance is that it helps saving your time and energy.
This way you will start your day with a list of tasks ready to be followed, without wasting time and energy on the daily planning.

2. Review the plan in the morning.
Reviewing the plan in the morning, while having breakfast for example, is the second step, because you need to have clear in your mind which are the tasks that you are going to perform throughout the day.
Plus, it’s a very good way to fix the to-do list in your mind.

3. Put the hardest things first.
It’s better to perform the hardest tasks in the morning when you have more energies, and leaving easier and lighter activities for the rest of the day.
Starting with more challenging activities will help you feel satisfied and motivated during the rest of the day.
This way, you will feel juiced and you will be productive.

4. Always balance productivity and self-improvement. 
This step is crucial for your daily planning.
It’s important to give priority to productivity, without leaving self-improvement aside.
This means that you should dedicate 80% to what you do every day to achieve your life goals – that is working or studying – and 20% to your self-improvement – reading self-development books, learning a new language or attending personal growth seminars.

5. Always include exercise.
Regular physical activity is vital to your day and to your health, because it boosts your energy and delivers oxygen to your tissues and your brain, preventing many kinds of diseases and helping control your weight.
So the advantages are both short and long-term, and 30-40 minutes a day are sufficient to get all the benefits you need.

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