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3 Simple Truths About Success

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.
– Benjamin Franklin

Success doesn’t come overnight

Have you ever thought about the high level of success you could attain, if only you spent one hour a day improving your skills and abilities?
Have you ever thought where you could be now, if only you started to work for your goals one year ago? And what if you started five years ago?
You see, it’s all about small steps, consistency and motivation. When we know what we want, we can reach any goal, if we take action.
But we have to work for it: success doesn’t come overnight, and unleashing our potential requires hard work and determination.

Discipline is the only predictor of success, no shortcuts!

If you really want to shift your life, you have to behave as if you were your own employer.
You need to be a demanding employer with yourself, and you need to be a highly responsible employee at the same time, working as if you you had a demanding boss always controlling you.
You need discipline, because real accomplishments come with patience, perseverance and hard work.

Organization is the key

Step-by-step improvement is a simple concept, but if you don’t get organized, you can make it difficult, and you might feel overwhelmed, nervous, and frustrated, because you don’t even know where to start.
The simplest way to structure your life is writing down all the things you have to do, and organize your life daily. You can use a to-do list, your agenda, or a blackboard, but the most important thing is to write down everything, in order to avoid mental stress.

Practice the philosophy of continuous improvement. Get a little bit better every single day.
– Brian Tracy

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The Real Gap Between Success and Failure

The world is giving you answers each day, learn to listen.
— Unknown

Anytime we are working on something, we can either listen to positive and constructive feedback and improve, or let negative people bring us down.

The mental process that can put us both on the right or the wrong path – that is, success or failure – is represented in a nice infographic below.

Enjoy it and don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and colleagues!

The Real Gap Between Success and Failure

You can find this infographic on Lifehack.org too!

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If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

If you can dream it, you can do it.
Walt Disney

Every time I read this Walt Disney’s quote, I get my small daily dose of motivation.

I think this quote gives you that nice and empowering feeling of being able to achieve whatever you want. But that goal that you want to achieve, has to be a dream and not just a whim. It’s essential to have a dream and strongly believe that you can bring it into reality.

The Importance of Having a Dream

With dream, I’m not referring to become a millionaire overnight, that would be quite unrealistic 🙂

I’m talking about that exciting idea in our head that makes us get up excited and motivated every morning, that makes us work hard to achieve something. Having a dream is powerful. A dream is that thing that we want so badly that we would do whatever it takes to achieve it. We wouldn’t find excuses to relax and give up on it.

If realistic and used wisely, a dream can give us that strong motivation, that discipline, resilience and willpower, that no one and nothing else would be able to give us.

We all have dreams, and we should use them to reach our biggest goals. Having a dream means being motivated. And being motivated is dangerous – but in a good way. When you are motivated you can achieve (almost) anything!

Your Power

Motivation is something that guides humans every day, but if we don’t have a dream, we have no motivation.

We should all make sure to have something that motivates us, because motivation creates that invisible force that gives us enough self-discipline and patience to be consistent, especially when we feel like giving up.

We are like cars, and dreams are our fuel: without them we would keep staying in the same place, trying to start a car that will never move. While, when we really want something, we do move and we become unstoppable.

Have you ever made a dream come true? Feel free to share your experience in the comments! 🙂


The 5 Books of Success

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
Joseph Addison

If you want to learn about life or about people, if you want to become wiser, to open your mind or to train you mind, reading is the best way to spend your time.

Sometimes books have the power to inspire and help us find the way to shift our life, and I believe that they have the potential to help us achieve success.
Reading is the ideal hobby for avid and curious life learners, and I find that books about personal growth, psychology and life, can teach a lot, and sometimes they can add more to our life than an expensive presential course.

So, I want to share with you the books that changed me and forced me to rethink my attitude towards life, and that I consider extremely inspiring:

1. Tony Robbins – Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!
2. Dale Carnegie –  How to Win Friends & Influence People
3. Stephen Covey – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
4. Wayne Dyer – Your Erroneous Zones: Step-by-Step Advice for Escaping the Trap of Negative Thinking and Taking Control of Your Life
5. David Allen – Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Enjoy the 5 books and let me know what you think.
Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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How To Revolution Your Life: 8 Steps

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. John F. Kennedy

There is always something that we don’t like in our life. It’s true, there is always a reason to complain.
It could be our house, our job, our car, our boss, our slow and old computer, or maybe our mobile phone.
It could be that we don’t like the way we are, we would like to be happier, more charming, productive, smart, funny and interesting.

But, the question is: can we change all this?
The good news is that you can change all this, but you need to desire the change from within.
Because if you don’t feel the need to change, if you don’t feel the right motivation to change for the better, it’s difficult to see results.

But if you are reading this article you are probably willing to change something of you, and what I suggest is: don’t be scared! Or at least, try it.
Fear is what blocks or slows us down most, and prevents us from living the life of our dreams.
So, let’s see the rules you need to follow to finally revolution your life.

1. Tidy Up
Yes, you read “tidy up”. The first favor you should do yourself is to tidy up your house.
Your clothes, you books, your perfumes and body creams in the bathroom, the notes around the house and whatever you know you should put in order or get rid of. Believe me, after this clean up you will somehow feel “new”.

2. Save Money Every Month
If you save 15 or 20 percent of your income every month, at the end of the year you can choose to make yourself a gift, like a trip, a car, a watch, a new mobile phone, or a computer, or to wait a little longer and save more many for a bigger and delayed gratification.

3. Set a Goal
Setting a goal not only will make you feel motivated, but it will also add a challenge to your life, and it will literally help you get through your days and weeks with energy.
For example you want to learn a new skill to be better at your job, you want to get a master or you want to work more to get promoted.
Whatever the goal is, you now have something to achieve, and you don’t go to work just to survive and to pay your bills.
You go to work to perform well your tasks to get promoted in the future or to get more experience in order to find a better job.

4. Travel
Travel at least once every two or three months.
If you can’t take holidays, travel on weekends.
But do it, take some time for yourself, take a flight and go discover new places, it’s therapeutic and it will open your mind.

5. Plan Your Days
I can’t stress enough how important this is: planning the day and the week is vital for a good quality of life.
If you plan your days, you won’t have to repeatedly waste energies on making decisions throughout the day. You will already know what you have to do.

6. Smile
If you see someone you know in the street, give this person a big and beautiful smile and ask how their life is.
Being genuinely interested in others will help you have good and healthy friendships, and it will obviously make you feel better.

7. Watch What You Eat
They say we are what we eat, and I think they’re right.
We shouldn’t eat whatever we find in the fridge, but we should nourish our body to have the right energy to face our day.
Food affects our mood, the way we feel and the way our body functions.
Try to eat a little bit of everything, and try to include proteins, vegetables, some carbohydrates, and fruit to your daily diet.
So, remember the importance of eating the right food, and consider it as an ally.

8. Buy Something You Have Wanted for a Long Time
I know I told you to save your money. But I suggest you to start your revolution buying a gift for yourself, doing something nice for yourself or indulging in something.
This way you will start the real change, you will start from yourself.

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How Successful People Plan Their Days: 6 Habits to Emulate

Successful people always have a full and well organized schedule.
And you should emulate their habits starting today, if you want to feel fulfilled and satisfied.

1. They wake up early
Of course they wake up early, they have to review the to-do list they wrote the night before, and fix it well in their mind.
And they have the breakfast ritual, to boost their energy and start their exciting and challenging day.

2. They exercise in the morning
They know how physical activity is good for their body and health, and how it helps them stay focus throughout the day. So they exercise, even if for only 15 minutes a day.

3. They meditate in the morning
We already talked several times about the great influence of meditation on our mind. But, do we apply this to our lives?
I do that, because I really believe in it.
And successful people do it too, because they know how important regular meditation is to their brain. And what about you? 😉

4. They are not late at work or at school
No excuses. Being late is a clear sign of a bad time management. And people who use to be late are usually seen as unable to take care of themselves, and unreliable.
They also feel a sense of lack of control, and they get nervous because they’re late, affecting negatively their day.
This is why successful people are never late, they know how important punctuality is.

5. They focus on what they do
Since they know how to manage their time, successful people know how to concentrate their efforts on their job during a certain period of time, without letting anything nor anyone distract them.
They have some time for their friends, colleagues, family, hobbies and other distractions, but not during work or school time.

6. They spend time on learning something every day
They are successful because they never stopped learning.
Usually the people we are talking about are curious and humble, and they know that there is always something to learn.
They want to improve and to add always something good to their lives, and they always find the energy to do that (maybe because they had breakfast in the morning 😉 ).

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9 Things you Should Do Every Day

There are some habits that can significantly improve the quality of our lives.
In particular, today I want to share with you the 9 things that I find incredibly helpful for our challenging days.

1. Read

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
Joseph Addison

It’s important to “feed” our mind with books, it keeps our brain fit and young, and it prevents dementia.
Also, it makes us wiser!

2. Exercise

We already talked a lot about the benefits of exercise.
Being a form of preventing diseases, it improves our brain performance, and keeps our body healthy.
So, it benefits both mind and body, which are strictly related.

3. Meditate

Regular meditation is one of the best habits you could ever develop.
As exercise, it’s extremely good both for your body and for your mind.
Plus, research showed that meditation develops some parts of our brain and strengthens the connections between neurons, in the long run.

4. Eat every 3 hours

This is very important, it gives us the right energy to perform appropriately all our tasks throughout the day, and helps accelerate our metabolism.

5. Eat one apple

Eating one apple a day is a rule. It’s a very healthy habit and it helps preventing diseases and to boost your brain performance.

6. Take a walk

Did you know that Steve Jobs used to walk every day for 1 or 2 hours?
Not only is it good to control your weight and tone your legs, but it benefits your mental performance and your mood.

7. Spend time on a hobby

Hobbies are a good tool to reduce stress and a good way to invest time in ourselves.
It’s important to spend time on something we really like to do, and I believe that not having hobbies in our life may affect our happiness.

8. Listen to music

Listening to music has the power to instantly change our mood.
This is why we should use it every day to add more energy and passion to what we do.

9. Drink green tea

This is obviously a very healthy habit.
Green tea contains B vitamins, magnesium, potassium and other antioxidants.
Also, it seems that it has a very positive impact on some kinds of cancer, even though it has not been demonstrated that green tea prevents so far.

You don’t need to do all these things every single day, but you should make sure to include all of them in your week and to spend some time on 3 or 4 of them every day.
However, some of these habits, such as eating every 3 hours, meditation and eating one apple a day, should be included in your daily plan.

Also, there are some habits that you can alternate, for example you can take a walk one day and exercise the other.

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21 Examples of Original Hobbies

Spending time on a hobby that you really like and that makes you feel good is very important, and it can add a lot to your life.
It is also very good for your mind and it helps reduce stress.

In this article, you will find a list of nice and original hobbies that can accompany you throughout your challenging week and that can make you feel an interesting and unique individual.

1. Rowing

2. Flying Yoga

3. Archery

4. Partner Dances

5. Playing the Harp

6. Learning a New Language

7. Writing on a Blog

8. Playing the Harp

9. Hiking

10. Photography

11. Chess

12. Ice Skating

13. Diving

14. Glass Art

15. Pottery

16. Wine Sommelier

17. Fruit and Vegetables Carving

18. Skydiving

19. Rock Climbing

20. Mosaic Art

21. Volunteering

Do you have any original idea?
Feel free to leave a comment.

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