Resilience is the one quality that makes the difference between average and successful people.

Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.
— Morihei Ueshiba

You’ve probably read the word “immortal” in the title, wondering what this article is about. As you can imagine, this is not about how to live forever, but it’s about how to recover quickly from any tough situation. It can actually be very helpful for those who want to become stronger and face failure in the best possible way.

If immortal people existed, they would feel no pain if they were shot. Likewise, the immortal people mentioned in the following infographic, don’t let failure hurt them, don’t let discouragement take over. They keep working hard to obtain what they want, despite all the setbacks encountered on their path.
In other words, immortal is who learns to be resilient, and never let challenges, failures and difficult situations stop them. You see, when we find ourselves in a difficult situation, we always have a choice: we can let the problem affect our feelings and control our actions, or we can face the problem. Facing a problem and taking action, is what the resilient person does. Taking action is always the key.


The Immortal Method

So, the Immortal Method consists in behaving and facing life and challenges with this mindset. It consists in seeing resilience as a necessity, not an option. In this infographic you will see the comparison between “immortal guys”, those who adopt resilience in their life and work hard despite any setback, and the “ordinary guys”, the ones who complain but don’t do anything to improve their situation.

You can read this infographic as two lists: a list of things to do to become successful and a list of things you should never do.


The Immortal Method Youperfect


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