If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.
— Bruce Lee

You just read “GED” and you’re now wondering: “What the heck is this? The ultimate technology to become more intelligent in one day? Or the new memory technique for CIA agents?”
Don’t panic, it’s merely an acronym which stands for three things you should consider every time you have to get something done and you don’t know where to start.

G: Get The Ball Rolling – Productivity will come

Sometimes we ponder for hours or days about something we have to do, and we don’t come up with anything to get it done, we desperately look for a solution, and we don’t hit upon the brilliant idea we are waiting for. Sounds familiar?
The point is that sometimes we should just get the ball rolling even when we don’t feel a hundred percent ready, because the best way to find a solution is simply to stop contemplate the issue and to work for it.

Get the ball rolling

Image: Calm before the storm

E: Experience

When we take action, we begin to see things in a clearer way and at each step we understand where to go next. We can’t think about something and come out with a perfect plan or a perfect solution if we don’t experience it. Experiencing things helps us understand them better and quickly, and it takes us to the best outcome, while overthinking misleads us and obfuscates our purpose.


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D: Don’t You Dare Overthink!

Overthinking is always a complication, a delay, a setback, and it’s harmful for our productivity. So, what we should do is learn to detect this actitude in our behaviours, and change it immediately every time it occurs by doing something concrete, like taking a pen and a piece of paper and writing a draft of our weekly to-do list.
The more you behave this way, the more you will save time and energy, increasing your productivity and learning to be more efficient.


Image: Catching a Thought

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  1. I love how simple yet profound this concept is. It is so important to decide on what to do, what you can be great at and then go after it with all your energy. I believe fear is often what leads to overthinking and the more we learn about those who have actually succeeded at what we want to achieve the better chance we have of getting there. Thanks for sharing this, I will be re-sharing

    1. You’re right, fear is very often what leads to overthink and this often what misleads us, thank you for your precious opinion josiahloye.

      1. Thank you for stimulating the conversation, I’m looking forward to your next post

      1. Thanks! Otherwise my Misha comment would have been ‘cray-cray’. 😉

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