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It is During Our Very Worst Fall That We Can Either Die or Learn to Fly – Sira M.

When we find ourselves in difficult circumstances, we always have a choice: we can let our problems affect us and control our actions – maybe for the rest of our life – or we can take control and face the situation.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? However, taking action when we feel overwhelmed can be hard. We know we should do something, but we just can’t think clearly, we can’t take a step toward a potential solution, we can’t move.

When we have this feeling, all we have to do, is to think how things could improve if we do something, and then try to take a simple step, try it over and over again, until we succeed in taking action.

There are times when this process is slower because we might need to recover from a traumatic event. If that’s the case, it’s important to carefully look inside ourselves and understand what we need exactly to heal completely. Is it a past trauma? Is it a stressful situation that is affecting our life? Can we stop it?

If we manage to overcome a difficult situation and to recover, we come out of it much stronger and wiser, and it will be really difficult for us to be affected by the same kind of trouble, and with the same intensity.

To successfully overcome a traumatic event, it’s essential to do four things: accept what happened, go through the pain, focus on something that distracts and motivates you, and believe that soon you will feel much better.


  • Accept What Happened

This might seem the hardest part but it isn’t, if something happened in the past, you can’t do anything about it, all you can do is to accept it and focus on your present, and on your future. You can focus on all the positive things that surround you and practice gratitude, this will help you accept what happened. Being able to do that is almost anything you need in order to overcome problems in life.


  • Go Through the Pain

You have to recognize and accept how you are feeling, express negative feelings, let them out, elaborate them. This will help you feel better evenyually and look forward. If you ignore this step, you can’t heal completely. In this phase, exercise and contact with the nature help a lot. If you can take some time off from work, as it is essential if you want to heal completely.


  • Focus on something that distracts and motivates you

The practical part of this process is to find something to hold on to. It must be something that makes you feel good, even when you are just thinking about it. Then hold on to it, make it a priority in your life, and start to live again.

In addition to this, you should always focus on feeling good and on taking care of yourself. Anytime you have negative feelings, do something good for yourself, go have a long walk, listen to a playlist that makes you feel great, eat healthy foods, drink organic herbal tea, call your best friend, laugh or do some yoga. There are plenty of alternatives, these are just ideas, and you are the only one who knows what makes you feel better immediately.


  • Believe that soon you will feel much better

Having this belief is what will keep you moving forward. It will motivate you and allow you live in the present and relax, without worring too much about the future. Thinking that the best is yet to come, is the key to go through this process until the end and to overcome problems in general, without giving up when you feel discouraged. It’s all about your attitude.

You will never see a never-ending storm, it doesn’t exist, the sun always comes back to shine. Have faith and strive for your happiness.

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