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5 Examples of Success

Before talking about how to become successful in what you do, I would like to mention a few interesting examples of success.

  1. Thomas Edison

    The first example is about Thomas Edison. Yes, the man who invented the light bulb! At school, when he was around 6, teachers told him he was “stupid”. Poor boy.
    Even later as an inventor, Edison failed many times before inventing the light bulb.
    But all those attempts eventually became the outcome that he wanted. Each failure taught him something new, that took him to his last successful attempt.

  2. Walt Disney

    Did you know that in his early career, Walt Disney was working for a local newspaper and they fired him because apparently “he lacked imagination and had no new ideas?” And look what he built.

  3. Henry Ford

    Have you ever heard that Henry Ford failed several times before founding Ford Motor Company? Yes, not only failed he once, he failed several times! But he tried again. And again.
    And eventually he succeeded.

  4. Soichiro Honda

    Did you know about that engineer who had an unsuccessful job interview with Toyota, and after that decided to start his own business? His name was Soichiro Honda, and I guess you know who I’m talking about.

  5. Jim Carey

    In 1980 he auditioned for Saturday Night Live, but he failed to land the part.
    A few years later he wrote himself a $10 million dollar check. And eventually he received a $10 million payment for his work in Dumb and Dumber.

What do those five people have in common?
The answer is very simple: they didn’t let anything discourage them. They never lose hope. They knew what the key to any accomplishment was: they knew that real success needs patience, time, and sacrifice, and it doesn’t come overnight. And they knew that they were learning and growing in the process.
Those people kept believing that the best was yet to come.

Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.
– Truman Capote

What is Success?

The idea of success is subjective, and if you look for a definition, you will probably find many. Let’s have a look to a few definitions:

  1. “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.”
    – John Wooden
  2. “My definition of success? The more you’re actively and practically engaged, the more successful you will feel.”
    – Richard Branson
  3. “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”
    Online Oxford Dictionaries
  4. “If you carefully consider what you want to be said of you in the funeral experience, you will find your definition of success.”
    – Stephen Covey
  5. “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”
    – Winston Churchill

Incidentally, regading the 4th definition, I definitely recommend you Stephen Covey’s masterpiece “The 7 habits of highly effective people,” if you haven’t read it yet. It’s a must-have.

Getting back to what success is, everyone has a different idea of it, because it’s something extremely subjective. It depends on what we want to achieve, on our values and on what we crave in life. And the first thing we need to do to become successful is understand what success means to us.

Success it’s basically the situation in which our expectations match our reality. So, to make it attainable it is very important to be realistic, but it’s important to have ambitious goals and work towards them at the same time – ambitious goals, not impossible goals!

become successful

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The mistake you must avoid, if you want to become successful

A common mistake is to give up just because we feel hopeless and exhausted. It’s like digging a hole for days to find a treasure, and giving up just two or three inches before reaching it, because of lack of patience. Yes, impatience can be our worst enemy, and our worst mistake. Beware of it!

Reaching ambitious goals takes time, and most of times this includes failure as well.
This is why I want you to understand that the key to become successful is perseverance. The fact is that you can accomplish whatever you want, if you:

  • are truly committed to it;
  • know clearly what you want;
  • feel motivated;
  • are resilient.

Where to start from?

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
– Mark Twain

When you wonder where you should start from, the answer is always: “take action.

For example, do you want to become fluent in French?

  • Take your French book and a notebook and study for 30 minutes without interruptions;
  • Look for language exchange events in your town;
  • Download a language exchange app;
  • Watch your favourite series and movies in French;
  • Read a book in French.

What you have to do is take one step towards your next achievable goal, and try to focus on only one goal at a time. Remember to identify what exactly you want to achieve (wellness, professional success, healthy relationships, financial success, and so on).

You need to identify what you want, and to focus on those thoughts that make you feel good and motivated. Then, draw on a piece of paper the process to make those thoughts reality.
This process should be made of simple and short phases. Each phase will take you towards a simple goal. And each goal will little by little take you to your pre-established big goal.

The starting point of all achievement is desire.
– Napoleon Hill

The Habits of Successful People

Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people’s thinking.
– Steve Jobs

Now, let’s talk about the habits that successful people have in common. Maybe you already have one or more of these habits, or maybe not.
What you should do is considering to improve them or to form them from the very beginning.

  1. Wake up early:

    If you wake up early – and go to bed earlier – you will spend better your time, and you will be more productive.

  2. Use time better than other people:

    Remember that we all have 24 hours a day. The key is the way we use our time.

  3. Do what others don’t feel like doing:

    The successful person has the habit of doing things failures don’t like to do.

  4. Don’t be afraid of success:

    Remember that fear is like a handbrake.

Obsession for Success

If you are obsessed about success in a “healthy” way, you’re on the right path. If you want to improve some aspects of your life or reach your goals and expectations, you need to know exactly what you want, and it MUST be something you really want.

What you want must be a persistent idea, otherwise it won’t take you to success.

So, make sure to identify what is your idea of success, what is exactly what you want to accomplish, and be “healthily obsessed” with it.
You will see how this will make things easier.

Mindset of Successful People

Let’s see some short and effective sentences that represent the mindset that lead to productivity and success.

  1. Life is short, time is yours!

    People who obtain what they want just hate to waste their time. They always take action. Great time management is always the key.

  2. Failure means learning

    Success is not achievable without failure. Most of times failures are life lessons.

  3. Obstacles are opportunity to learn

    Obstacles are challenges that make us grow and learn. They let us become better and wiser people. And overcoming obstacles leads us to success.

  4. It doesn’t matter what negative people say

    Being successful also means to know who and what you should listen to. Never let toxic people influence you. And stay focused on your ambitious and achievable goals.

  5. They like to be surrounded by positive people

    Being surrounded by positive people is very important when it comes to success: having optimistic and brilliant people around you will help you feel more motivated and positive, even during hard times.

  6. They know that discipline is the only predictor to success

    We live in a world were people believe that success means luck, or coincidence. And this is not their fault. All the media tell us this story. And the problem is that we tend to believe it.
    When you see people suddenly becoming famous, rich or incredibly successful, you only see the final outcome of a very long process, made of hard work and persistence.

  7. There is always a solution to every problem

    Outstanding people have this mentality: when they face a difficult moment or an obstacle, they know that there is a solution to their problem.
    They don’t lose time complaining about their situation. They focus on the obstacle,  and on their resources to face it.
    Then they analyse the root of the problem, and they work towards a solution, eliminate the cause – or the causes – of their issue.

  8. They know they can

    This means that they have a high self-esteem, which is vital for your path to a happy life. Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves, and it can be improved by focusing on our strenght and our past achievements.

Practical tips to become successful

  1. Have a morning schedule

    This is really important. Wake up early, have a nice shower, do some stretching, and have a big healthy breakfast. Remember that you need energy to face your day. And you must treat yourself well.

  2. Use a to-do list

    Before going to bed write the to-do list of the things you will have to do the following day. Having a to-do list and sticking to it helps you stay productive and reach all your daily goals. You can also write it in the morning, while drinking your tea or coffee, it’s even more exciting.

  3. Read

    Reading exposes you to a world of imagination, and boosts your creativity.
    Not only is it an excellent exercise for your brain, but you also learn a lot of new things.

  4. Never stop learning, if you want to become successful

    Successful people know it. And they invest their time, energy and money in learning something new. It’s a never ending process, and it’s a way to always stay up to date.
    You can learn many new skills, languages, and much more, and get certified.
    Or you can learn a new hobby to enjoy during your free time.

    Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
    – Mahatma Gandhi

  5. Do the most important thing first in the morning

    Always put the hardest or the most important thing first. In the morning your mind is clear, and you have more energy. Plus, once the first task will be completed, you will have plenty of time to do the rest.

  6. Do one thing at a time

    Multitasking is a myth. Remember that focusing on one thing at a time is one of the most important keys to excellence. You shouldn’t juggle too many things at once.
    Staying focused on one thing at a time, instead, will make you reach your goals step by step, and you will become successful, happier and more productive.

  7. Use a “Golden page”

    The Golden Page is among the best tools to always keep you motivated and determined. It consists of using a piece of paper – no it doesn’t have to be gold paper, white is fine 🙂 – where you keep track of all your medium and long term accomplishments. It’s a sort of mental hack to motivate you and help you stay positive and optimistic.

    become successful

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  8. Use a “Silver Page”

    The Silver Page is useful to have clear in your mind your medium and long term goals. It’s a page where you can write down whenever you want all the ideas and goals that you intend to reach in the near future.

  9. Ask people with more experience than you

    Remember that asking advice to more experienced people who already worked hard to be where they are now, is one of the best things you can do. You can use their precious experience as an example. The best thing you can do is find a mentor.

  10.  Imitate people with more experience than you

    If you can’t talk directly to those people, try to understand which are the predictors of their success, and imitate their actions.

  11. But don’t forget to be original and innovative

    This is one of the secrets of success today. If you want to stand out, you need to do things differently, and to do something completely new.

  12.  Work on your communication skills

    It’s very important that you learn how to express your opinion and expectations effectively.  Successful communication is one of the main traits of outstanding people. There are many courses and seminars where you can learn, and you can find online courses as well.
    You can look for public speaking or communication and body language courses.

  13. If you want to become successful, learn a new language

    This is a practical tip that I decided to include in this article because studying another language :
    a. it’s an opportunity to learn something new; b. it gives your brain a good workout; c. it makes your brain more efficient and helps improve your productivity; d. when you travel it improves your experience.

  14. Spend time on doing what you’re good at and what you really enjoy

    This will increase a lot your self-esteem, which is one of the key to become successful. It’s good to try new things, and explore new possibilities, but first of all you must focus your energy on developing your abilities and skills.

  15. Minimize distraction

    Before starting your day you can use a daily don’t-do list, or a black list, where you can write down all the things that could affect your productivity and that you are going to avoid.

    At the end of your working day you can cross off the list the items that you were able to avoid. An example of don’t-do list is:
    – Don’t use Whatsapp from 8 am until noon.
    – Don’t use Facebook before 7 pm.

    Very simple, but very helpful!

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